Outdoors magazines and journals

The United Kingdom and Ireland have not only a fine tradition of outdoor pursuits, but also a history of high quality, well written printed periodicals to support these. In more recent years, there have appeared a number of quite niche publications, some last, others do not. It is evident that those most long lasted of magazines and journals are either where a high standard of editorship has been maintained- the editor keeping an eye on the needs of the subscribers and how best to meet them with good authors and articles. Or where such a journal comes more as part of ‘a package’, where membership is fleeting or needs are being met elsewhere.

The standard of photography too has risen to meet the requirements of a demanding readership. Sadly this has been at the expense of good art, now infrequently observed in magazines and club journals. We are, today, probably witnessing the last dying cries of a printed medium, before almost everything is pushed into digital format. It will be a sad loss.

I have included below those printed magazines and journals of which I am aware. There are no doubt many gaps and probably a handful of errors. Also, I am familiar with few of the older publications. Feel free to get in touch with any corrections or suggested additions.

backpack, Autumn 2017

Backpack, Autumn 2017. Cover- Finnish entrant in The Great Outdoors Challenge looks over Glen Feshie


Quarterly journal of the Backpackers Club, circulated to members Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter








Camping & Caravanning

Monthly magazine of the Camping and Caravanning Club

Climber 1962, Climber and Hillwalker, Climber and Rambler, formerly Mountain Life, back as Climber from 1995

published by Holmes McDougall, Glasgow



Country Walking magazine, August 2014

Country Walking magazine, August 2014. Cover- Glenfinnan viaduct

Country Walking

Monthly magazine published by Bauer Consumer Media.

Launched in 1986






Cycle– CTC magazine

The Great Outdoors, July 2016

The Great Outdoors, July 2016. Cover- Langdale Pikes

The Great Outdoors

Magazine published every four weeks by Kelsey Media.

“written for Hillwalkers by Hillwalkers”

First published in 1978. It was the first commercially produced magazine devoted to walking.




Lakeland Walker

dedicated to walking in the Lake District

Land and Water

Mountaineering, becomes Mountain Life, after four years becomes Climber and Rambler

Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Ireland

The Rucksack Club Journal

Published annually, also Meetstaff, published quarterly

Scottish Hosteller

magazine of the Scottish Youth Hostel Association

Sheffield Clarion Ramblers’ Handbook

Published annually by the Sheffield Clarion Ramblers. 1900 to 1958

Measuring just 3″ x 5″, They gave information on walking in the Peak District, alongside local culture, history and geology


Journal of the Long Distance Walkers Association


Journal of the BMC, dedicated to climbing/walking/mountaineering

Trail, October 2009

Trail, October 2009. Cover- Carn Mor Dearg Arete


Monthly magazine published by Bauer Consumer Media.

Sister title to Country Walking magazine.






Trek and Mountain


Magazine of the Ramblers

Walking World Ireland

women's walking, Spring 2013

women’s walking, Spring 2013

Women’s Walking

Published bimonthly by Wild Bunch Media.

First published 2013. Final issue March/April 2016

Also available- women’s cycling, women’s running, men’s running