A long walk…

As a teenager I read a book. The book was Journey through Britain by John Hillaby. Once I had finished it, I read it again. I also read his other books but none had the effect on me that the first did. One day, I told myself, I would do the same as the author had done. I would walk from one end of Britain to the other. The years passed but the ambition never did. I have yet to achieve my aim but I shall. This site records the period leading up to my great adventure. I have a loose set of rules in place. It is a relatively simple premise. To walk from the most southerly point on mainland Great Britain to the most westerly, finishing at the most northerly. In other words, Three Points of the Compass. For good measure I may as well take in Land’s End and John O’Groats too. It shall be a long walk.

Hillaby books

11 thoughts on “A long walk…

    1. Jools Post author

      thank you for your comment. The Land’s-End John o’ Groats Association has been on my radar for some time. As my time for setting off on my Three Points of the Compass walk looms ever nearer, I am, of course, checking up and rechecking those other fool hardy souls that attempt similar challenge. That said, I may be foolish, but never hardy!


  1. Meagan Michal

    Hi there!

    I would like to know how to get in touch with the owner of this blog. I recently found a photo in a post for which I would like to ask permission to use!

    Please reach out to me as soon as possible. Thank you! meaganmichal@gmail.com



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