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A long walk…

I had a relatively simple premise- to walk from the most southerly point on mainland Great Britain to the most westerly, finishing at the most northerly. In other words, Three Points of the Compass. For good measure I decided I would take in Land’s End and John O’Groats too.

In 2018, having walked all of the South West Coast Path, Offa’s Dyke, Pennine Way, West Highland Way and the Cape Wrath Trail, plus the hundreds of miles between these, I completed my ‘LEJOG+‘ walk 152 days later at Duncansby Head, the most north-easterly point of mainland Great Britain. I had walked over 2500 miles and it was a fantastic experience. There is a summary of that walk here.

My long walks continue and some of those trails are covered on these pages. Beside these and some other thoughts, I have a little knife chat, which looks at knife and smaller multi-tool options on trail, also a bit of gear talk (we all like that…) plus anything else I decide to ramble on about. These last may be worth a glance perhaps. Links for these are in Ramblings

Over forty Three Points of the Compass podcasts are also available to listen to, covering walks on a variety of trails. Also covering various other outdoor and walking related subjects. These can be listened to via Anchor and other podcast sites.

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  1. Hello, I have enjoyed your website, thank you. Thought I might suggest a couple of pieces of kit for your consideration. Under screw drivers section, I have used a Swiss Army Quattro bit when the only screw I have in my whole kit is on my ski pole lock. size: 27mm x 20mm, 1g. If you really need a proper screw driver then it is out classed, but if you only have something small to tighten it’s a very small light option. Under your tick removers section, Zpacks has a 1g tick remover. Lastly, you may be already aware, Rovyvon now makes the A5 with usb-c charging:


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    • Thanks for commenting Mark, three comments in one, and all intriguing.
      I already include a little Quattro screwdriver in my ditty bag. It actually weighs 2.6g but I leave it there for every multi-day trip. To increase torque, I can pass a ti pin through the hole in the centre. I wrote about them here.
      That Zpacks 1g tick remover is six dollars! I suppose I could fashion my own by just cutting off the relevant corner from a Lifesystems tick card. But the O’Tom Tick Twisters are just so good at the job that I’m sticking with them.
      As to the Rovyvon 3rd gen GITD keychain flashlight, at last! I wasn’t aware of the upgrade, thanks. I’ll be getting one of these (eventually) as I am trying to bring all my electrics together as USB-C. Not cheap though, are they? But so good. I was only using mine on a two week backpacking trip I returned from this week.


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