Small Stuff: sketching the trail

I have written before on some of the choices to be made when considering if to take artists’ materials on the trail, what to take, some of the compromises to be decided upon. What I have decided is to take a minimal set of materials with me on my Three Points of the Compass walk.

Not only do I want to give my trail journal some life, but also capture just a few of the sights and views on my walk. However I do recognise that I am poor one for pausing to do so. I have always tended to be a ‘head down and keep moving’ type of hiker. It is a failing of mine and one I keep working on rectifying. This sort of mentality is fine to get the miles done, but my long walk, specifically, is intended for me to enjoy this great nation. On occasion, this is going to mean stopping.

So, a minimum of artists’ material it is then. I have concentrated on keeping both weight and bulk to a minimum. To that end, I have, for quite some months now, been looking carefully at the artists’ materials I own, what I use most, what I like to use most, what traditionally gets carted along with me on hikes and, more crucially, what gets used. I have looked at each main item in turn- pencils, pens, etc. and cover these in a little depth here. This is not intended by any means to suggest what you should take. It is not in depth or authoritative enough for that, instead, it is a personal glance at my own art kit and its refinement.

I shall end with two examples of art kits- one for my day hikes, the other for multi-day excursions.