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You can find here various short pieces and longer articles I have written, with a few useful resources. It will alter and be added to over time. Dip in to it, you might find something of interest…

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  1. Hi Jools,

    I have recently found your blog and it has become a firm favourite. Thank you for the work and time that you have put into it.

    Many of your interests follow mine (although I do need to spend time with map measurers), particularly sketching. You have encouraged me to start my own walking sketch journal, and when the weather is better I hope to take it on my walks. For this I bought the square format Rhodia Touch journal, it is a lovely book with 90 gsm ink and wash paper.

    Anyway, once again many thanks for your advice on this and other aspects of walking – it has improved my own skills and pleasure of the outdoors.


    • Thanks for your comment Lynn. The Rhodia Touch pads and books come in various format but none seem to be small enough to suit my lighter weight backpacking style. They really do seem to know how to turn out a decent product, though I have heard some users are experiencing issues with ink on their paper on the Touch series.
      I am very pleased to hear you get something positive from my ‘ramblings’. Very sorry, but much more of the same to come…


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