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Trail talk: Lego Hiker (2018)

Three Points of the Compass has a look at a small Lego minifigure that walked onto the scene in 2018 as part of a set of outdoor adventures.

Simple 1976 Lego figure and 2018 Lego Hiker
Simple Lego ‘stage extra’ figure from 1975 and 2018 Lego Hiker minifigure

Lego first released small posable characters with interchangeable legs, torsos and arms in 1978. These ‘minifigures’ were a great improvement on the far simpler ‘stage extra’ figures that preceded them in 1975. They have come a long way and thousands of different minifigures have subsequently been released. Forty years after the first minifigure, the Lego Hiker minifigure looked at here was released.

2018 Lego Hiker

164 piece set 60202, Lego City People Pack, Outdoor Adventures set was released 2 June 2018 in the US and was the third in a line of City sets that included minifigures. It had a target age range of 5-12 and remained available for purchase from Lego until 31 December 2019. There were 15 minifigures in this set (including a baby), all partaking in various outdoorsy activities such as white water rafting, mountain biking, climbing, photography, camping, and camp cooking. Our hiker was one of the little figures included.

There are few parts to our little outdoors chap, just four body parts and an identical pair of pale lime green trekking poles. There is no display plate included with the figure.

A pattern design is included on the back of 2016 hiker
Assembly instructions for Lego Hiker
Assembly instructions for Lego Hiker

Wearing plain black trousers, a shirt shows from behind his open green jacket/cardigan. This sports a natty print with a wolf logo on it. This logo is also found on a team shirt worn by the Lego Minifigure Hockey Player that was released in 2011 (8804 series 4). Printed design continues on the back of our little figure. Some Lego minifigure heads have two sets of facial expressions, the one not in use being hidden at the back of the head under the hair. However there is just the one face option on our 2018 Hiker and this face and torso were new to the Lego range at the time of release. 2018 Lego Hiker does look pleased to be out on trail albeit with a somewhat twisted grin. A 2016 Lego Hiker released two years earlier can be seen here. That minifigure carried a backpack, map and compass, items our hiking pole carrying 2018 hiker eschews.

While 2018 Hiker is an easy to construct figure, the simple Lego building sets first available have since expanded to include complex, demanding and frequently also very expensive sets. Part of Lego’s secret is the interchangeability between bricks and sets produced for different models over the decades. Lego bricks from 1958 can still be used with bricks produced today. In common with other large sets, much is made on the interchangeability of the various body parts on the figures included in the Lego City People Pack, Outdoor Adventures set. These people packs are great fun for the younger Lego enthusiast and, perhaps, the not so young too.

2016 Lego Hiker in the hand

Lego have released just a few hiking or backpacking minifigures. Links below:

2018 set 60202, Lego City People Pack, Outdoor Adventures

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