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Trail talk: Lego Backpacker (2022)

Lego Backpacker 2022
Lego Backpacker (2022)

Lego Backpacker is not confining herself to life on just one trail. She stopped off in Lego Boutique Hotel in 2022 prior to continuing her world travels.

Lego Boutique Hotel
Lego Modular Buildings Collection ‘Boutique Hotel’, set 10297

Lego released the first of their ‘Modular Buildings’ in 2007. That set was Cafe Corner, set 10182, and was aimed at adult collectors. Each subsequent release was intended to join the preceding, expanding into an impressive line of buildings over the years. On 1 January 2022, the series 15th anniversary, Lego released Boutique Hotel, set 10297. With a retail price of £199, the high cost reflects the quality of the set with almost universal approval from enthusiasts. The hotel is a little different from earlier building sets, having a triangular geometry. It also featured call-backs to the previous 14 modular building releases.

Boutique Hotel has a triangular geometry
Boutique Hotel has a triangular geometry
Lego Backpacker 2022
Both faces on Lego Backpacker have pink lips and freckles.

There are 3066 parts to the set, and it is a sizable build, measuring- 330mm x 250mm x 250mm. Seven Lego minifigures are included in Boutique Hotel. These include hotel porter, receptionist, coffee vendor, gallery owner and guests. Lego Backpacker is one of the latter.

Her yellow head has a choice of two faces. One is an open smile below wide eyes with lashes and black eyebrows above. The alternative face has closed eyes giving a somewhat demure expression.

closed eyes face
Lego Backpacker

The unseen face at the back of the head is hidden below her bouffant hairpiece. Her black curly hair with tall bun had already appeared on just a handful of earlier minifigures, first appearing in 2019. The hairpiece had also been previously issued by Lego in different colours.

Lego backpacker

She is casually dressed, with purple legs (no foot detail) and a lime sleeveless hooded top with yellow arms. The hoodie detail extends to the back of the figure, which is a nice touch as this is normally hidden when she is wearing her plain brown one-piece mounded backpack.

Head, arms and legs can be posed but without a plinth or base plate it is difficult to pose her walking. The simple one colour backpack has a closed buckled flap and a rolled bedroll/sleeping mat/sleeping bag atop. This piece has a long history, first appearing on a minifigure in 2004 and is also found on Boy Camper (2018).

Lego backpacker
Lego backpacker

There are just five parts to Lego Backpacker, including her backpack
There are just five parts to Lego Backpacker, including her backpack

Lego Backpacker is a simple build. She is comprised of just five parts, including her backpack. There is no display plinth as supplied with some other Lego minifigures.

An oversized camera is included in the set that could be given to her if wished. If so, then at least ensure she has the correct face showing. Closed eyes while photographing just isn’t going to work! Lego also provide an online build instruction pdf.

Backpacker- assembly instructions
Backpacker- assembly instructions

In addition to Lego Backpacker, Three Points of the Compass has also had a closer look at a few other minifigures engaged in outdoor activity. Lego Backpacker (2022), the most recent of these releases, is the first female character amongst them:

15 years of modular builds
Celebrating 15 years of modular builds. Boutique Hotel was designed by Anderson Ward Grubb

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