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Trail talk: Lego Boy Camper (2018)

camp cook and stove
Lego Boy Camper with stove

Three Points of the Compass has been looking recently at the Hiker minifigures released by Lego over the years. One of those, released as part of a box set in 2018, was accompanied by a younger backpack carrying hiker. But this lad was more focused on rustling up a simple meal than hitting the trail.

Lego released the first minifigure in 1978 and they have gone on to become popular inclusions in building sets and as individual collectibles. Intended for both the young child who simply wants to build and play with bricks, and the older collector. Today we have a glance at the Boy Camper from Lego City People Pack Outdoor Adventure set 60202.

Lego Camp Cook, front, with pack
Lego Camp Cook has additional detail on the back that is normally obscured by the backpack
Lego boy camper has additional back detail that is normally obscured by his backpack
Lego Camp Cook, with pack, back

Lego Boy Camper has a tan coloured shirt with a green collar. So he might be intended to represent a Scout, however his uniform, if that is what is, has no additional motifs. He has plain brown legs with no further detail. The head was a new brick from Lego and shows an excited expression on the bespectacled child. There is just the one face on this little minifigure and he does not have the alternative expression found on some other minifigures, that would be obscured by the hair when not utilised. What is obscured is the additional printed detail on the back of the minifigure, this is hidden by the backpack when worn. The backpack is a simple one-colour affair, complete with matching brown bedroll attached to the top of the pack. He can hold a red mug in one hand and a round white plate in the other.

Lego set 60202 has 164 parts and the minifigures included are engaged in various outdoors type activity- in addition to our young cook preparing an egg on his stove, there is white water rafting, camping, mountain biking, photography, climbing and hiking. We have already looked at the Hiker with his pair of trekking poles. The link for this is below.

Instruction manual included with Lego set 60202
Assembly instruction manual included with Lego set 60202. The cover shows some of the minifigures included in this set, including a hiker and our young camp cook
There are just four component pieces for our little backpacker plus another nine for his cooking equipment

There are thirteen parts to our boy camper and accessories, of which the boy’s head and the fried egg were newly introduced Lego parts.

Part numbers:

  • Torso- 6231940
  • Legs- 4107623
  • Head- 6231933
  • Hair- 6163633
  • Backpack- 4598713
  • Mug- 389921
  • Plate- 6093053
  • Egg- 6209910
  • Frypan- 452826
  • Stove:
    • Base- 4565321
    • Gas canister: 4586188
    • Burner: 6240227
    • Pan support: 6168647

Lego Boy camper has a Jetboil type stove to cook his single egg on, though oddly, this has a blue coloured Campingaz type canister attached, which would be a non-compatible canister. But let’s not get hung up on that. The little round egg was also a new part and could be placed either in the frypan or on the plate. The frypan can attach to the top of the four part stove and 2×2 base. The young cook is not confined to cooking of course. He is fully equipped with a backpack and ready for the trail. As said, the backpack is a simpler moulding than the one included with some of the grown up hiker minifigures, having a one colour moulding instead of a two-colour dual moulding as found with the likes of Zane.

Lego stove


Assembly instructions
Assembly instructions for Lego Boy Camper and his stove

This is a fun little figure and no doubt adds play value for many a younger fan of these building bricks. Beyond that, he will obviously have his supporters amongst the older fanbase too. My little chap sits alongside a half-dozen other figures on the bookshelf above my desk. Some of which we have already had a closer look at, links below.

Lego City People Pack Outdoor Adventure set 60202 and contents
Lego City People Pack Outdoor Adventure set 60202 and contents

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