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A hiker’s library

As one strides through the countryside, the mind will dwell on just about anything- music, relationships, films, composing poetry and letters, tonight’s meal, clouds building to the left, what can be left out of the pack next time, that twinge in the left thigh…

On foot, a change of terrain makes itself known immediately, rock and soil types are also noticed, especially if wet. Even the most ignorant amongst us will also notice a change in flora. What can help add interest to a hike is to have some knowledge of what we are passing through. The weather, the flora, the fauna, mans imprint upon the land, the why. To this end, Three Points of the Compass believes that a well stocked book shelf at home and time taken out to ‘gen up’ on various subjects is almost as important for a decent walk as the walk itself, almost!

Alongside these are the various volumes that can aid greatly in planning, or simply provide inspiration and encouragement to consider a personal adventure. In addition, some books looked at below are simply a cracking good read!

Links below to some volumes on the Three Points of the Compass bookshelves:

John Hillaby- hiker and author extraordinaire

A decent read

Skills and knowledge-

Bookshelf essentials-

Poyser Bird Monograph- The Raven


The Flowering of Britain. Richard Mabey and Tony Evans


Number One in the New Naturalist series- Butterflies by E.B. Ford

Natural History-

Local Geology guides- Northeast Norfolk and Cornwall


Rice's guides to Architecture and Churches


Childrens books-

Rupert Goes Hiking
Rupert Goes Hiking


Rambling and Youth Hostelling, 1967
Know the Game- Rambling and Youth Hostelling, 1967

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