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I am sure that many would think that walking is a simple exercise, once learnt as a child, something that requires little in the way of conscious thought, refinement or regard. I don’t believe that is so. Walking is a complex movement, a series of narrowly averted disasters I once heard it described.

It is the ideal speed at which to see the World around you, it is the speed at which we were designed to move, even if it seems the World wants to move a good deal faster. It is also the speed and form of locomotion which I find suits me best, particularly when I wish to think. To look at things in more detail, be they flora or fauna. I may need to choose a moment to look at architecture and industry to try and figure it out, or it can make me speed up, depending on what the subject may be.

What is becoming ever more apparent to me as the years pass is that I need to take a little more care when I walk. Hiking poles are now a must on a long walk, they save the knees and frequently prevent a turned ankle becoming anything more serious, and are great on water crossings too. For me, boots have given way to trail shoes, whether this actually means any increased risk to the ankles I am still unsure, though if there is, I believe the reduction in weight, resulting in reduced fatigue, more than offsets this.

I was shocked in early 2015 to find myself suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, equally shocked to find I knew nothing of it. You will find another page here that details the exercises I adopted in an attempt to alleviate the problem. What I do need to do is adapt these to a form that works in the confines of a tent if need be.

In an acceptance to the years passing, combined with a need to keep myself flexible and in (fairly) good shape, I also need to be aware of another risk to the wannabe walker, iliotibial band friction syndrome. Another series of exercises beckons. While I am in no way medically trained, I have also listed a small number of exercises that work for me

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