Bags and pouches of small stuff carried on longer hikes

Gear talk: bags and pouches of ‘small stuff’

Three Points of the Compass could never be considered an ultra-lightweight backpacker. Though I suppose I push it into the ‘lightweight’ bracket by any stretched definition. Many hikers will shake their heads in disbelief at what I include in my gear, I care not a jot.

I like to segregate and organise my gear, especially on trail. That way I know where things are, I can easily check off that everything is with me, that nothing gets left behind in a hostel, bothy or, god forbid, at home! To that end, I tend to carry a selection of small and light bags and pouches in which different groupings of trail gear are carried. With these I can carry out a ‘roll-call’ when packing, ensure that I have the most fragile stored appropriately within a pack, guarded from knocks and damp. I can have what is required during the day to hand, my First Aid Kit within easy reach and damp gear kept away from electronics.

On longer hikes Three Points of the Compass will normally have seven different pouches of smaller gear. Other hikers will either not be carrying such ‘stuff’ at all or if they are, will aggregate it differently, very probably by grouping into less units. Fine, this is simply how I do things. This isn’t a recommendation, just a part explanation. The seven groupings are:

  • Hydration
  • Ditty bag
  • Hygiene
  • ‘Poop kit’
  • Electronics
  • First Aid
  • Day ‘stuff’

Over the coming weeks I’ll be having a brief glance in each of the seven bags and pouches shown above. I won’t be getting bogged down with weights, simply personal rationale.

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