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Another delivery- Pigment PBk31

OK, so this addition to my gear is going to confound most lightweight hikers. Most of us take along a little luxury on the trail, and strange as it may seem, this is one of mine.

My Perylene Green is from Daniel Smith. This is a single pigment- PBk31, that is actually a black (so also called Perylene Black), but gives the most wonderful moody green hues. Some artists have managed to get fantastic results with simply this colour. Three Points of the Compass is taking a small watercolour kit on my long walk in the hope that I take the occasional time out to indulge in a little sketching.

Perylene Green PBk 31 from Daniel Smith. Paper is 300gm2 cold press

Perylene Green PBk31 from Daniel Smith. Paper is Fabriano watercolour 300gm2 cold press

Not an easily found paint, this pigment is a late addition to my small pallete and is purely there for convenience. A greenish black pigment that will work well for mood, shadows, distant landscapes and foliage. It mixes well with many of the other single pigments I have in my limited pallete producing a range of greens that I cannot be bothered showing in this post. Go and discover this lovely pigment for yourself.

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